Didn’t You Know…

Sr. Ps. Anna Button | 10th March 2021

“Didn’t you know that I must be in My Father’s House?” (Luke 2:49) 

Isn’t it interesting that when Jesus was thought to be ‘lost’ by his earthly parents (you can read the full account in Luke chapter 2), He replied that He must be in His Father’s House. To what is Jesus referring when He says ‘My Father’s House?’  

With the introduction of Covid-19 into our world, I am noticing more and more that many of us do not think that we must be in our Father’s House. More and more we are finding ourselves isolated, neglected and alone.   

The Father’s House is a place where a community of believers gather to praise and glorify the God of heaven and earth, to reach out to the lost and to fellowship with and encourage one another. God does not live in a building, but God does command the blessing when there is unity among people.  

We find ourselves having to be in many houses; the Worry House (where we are trying to survive a world health crisis), the War House (where we are trying to survive a family fight), the Me House (where everything is about Number 1), the Attitude House (where I’m done doing things for others, I’ve paid my dues, its my time to rest – or worse, I’m never going to be vulnerable again because I was hurt so badly last time), the Work House (I made lots of money, its time for me to retire and enjoy it with no thought for all the eternally lost souls), and the Lazy House (I couldn’t be bothered). I am sure you get the picture.  

Jesus at 12 years of age knew His first loyalty was to His Father in heaven.  

How much more should we? 

Jesus at 12 years of age knew how important it was to be in the Church, hearing the Word, speaking the Word, doing the Word.  

How much more should we? 

Jesus at 12 years of age knew to be respectful of His parents. 

How much more should we respect our heavenly Father?  

Let’s gather together each week and thank God that we still have the freedom to do so! 

May you be blessed in Jesus name, 

About the Author

Senior Pastor Anna is a mother to six children ranging in age from 6 to 30 years old and a loving wife to Ps. John for the past 30 years. Ps. Anna is a gifted vocalist who has been leading worship for many years. She loves to see people come alive in the presence of God. She also teaches primary education and has a great heart for children’s ministry. Anna loves to read and run and is currently training to run a marathon.

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