We're currently supporting these incredible ministries:

Christian Studies

The Christian Studies Teachers at Cherrybrook Tech HS and Pennant Hills HS. 

Hako Women's Collective

Hako Women's Collective (HWC) was formed in June 2006 by the Indigenous village women of the Haku area in Buka Island, Autonomous Region of Bougaineville, Papua New Guinea, in response to the critical needs of the Haku community. 

Aran Orphanage

”Aran” Home is a beautiful place where those who are lost will be found and resolved through the love of the Great Redeemer. This is the vision and also the driving force, to labor and then see its fulfillment.

The West Family

Jeremy West and his family are based in YWAM at Montana.

Joy McRae

An English-educator based in Vladivostok. 

Middle East and Eastern Europe

We support local Churches being planted in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Compassion Australia

Compassion Australia is part of a global neighbourhood that operates in more than 40 countries for over 70 years. We sponsor 2 children through their program.