Spoilt for Choice

Pastor Anna Button | 24th of June, 2021

Think about it. How many choices do we have to make in a day?  

Should I get out of bed now (as my alarm blares) or not? What should I wear? Pants or a dress? A collared shirt or a polo? A tie and suit or jeans and a suit jacket? Which colour lipstick do I pair with this outfit? (For those of us who wear lipstick). What shoes should I wear? The black, blue, or brown? What should I eat for breakfast – eggs on toast or cereal? Should I have some orange juice or a coffee? Should I take the car or travel to work by bus? Have I got time to load the dishwasher or not? Can I be bothered to hang out the washing before I leave or not?  

You get the picture. And we have not even left home yet! And these choices are easy. Other choices we make are a lot harder.  

Should I gossip about my colleague or not? Should I hate on someone in my peer group or not? Should I take this pen from the company and claim it as my own or not? Should I leave work five minutes early or not? Should I take back the chocolate bar that the cashier missed when I paid for my groceries or not? Should I cheat on this test or not?  

And then there are the choices we make in our heads/hearts every minute of the day.  

How could I have said that? How could I be so stupid? How could she/he say that about me? What did I do to deserve this? Why does he/she hate me? How come I am not like her/him? Why couldn’t I be better? How can they be so dumb?  

We are constantly making decisions. Some are insignificant. Others are essential. Some have no repercussions for our future and others do. 

One such pivotal decision is the decision to accept Jesus into your heart.   

The first choices I have mentioned are the insignificant ones. What to wear. What to eat.  

The second ones are mental and moral decisions. They affect our well-being. Our inner health. Our relationships. Our job prospects. (These too can have long-term consequences).   

The third type of choices mentioned are choices that have long-term consequences over our lives. They affect us, and the people around us for a long time.  

I believe one of them is an eternal choice. I believe that Jesus died and rose again and now sits with God interceding for me each time I do something stupid or horrible. And because I believe this, when I make a horrible choice or do something that I regret, I can be forgiven because Jesus died for me. He took my sin and my sinful nature upon Himself so that I might live a life of hope. And I needed Him to do this because I cannot be perfect. I am human. Jesus, however, is perfect. And because of what He did for me (and for you), we can live in hope that He makes us better each time we make a silly choice and choose to apologise. And He helps us to try to make a better choice next time.  

So, the choice put before you today is this: Should you believe that Jesus died for you and rose again or not?  

I hope and pray that you make the decision to accept what Jesus did for you as truth and that you would find a community of believers nearby to ‘do life with.’ 

And as you make this choice, I believe that you be blessed in Jesus’ name, 

Be blessed,  

Pastor Anna Xx 

Senior Pastor Anna is a mother to six children ranging in age from 6 to 30 years old and a loving wife to Ps. John for the past 30 years. Ps. Anna is a gifted vocalist who has been leading worship for many years. She loves to see people come alive in the presence of God. She also teaches primary education and has a great heart for children’s ministry. Anna loves to read and run and is currently training to run a marathon.

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